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The intensity of Hong Kong at night, a funny interaction with a stranger in an elevator, the wonder of discovering a treetop café in Vietnam; I'm interested in moments that encompass the mind and body, and speak to our human experience. Common themes surround energy, memory, sensory experience, and connection.

Growing up, San Francisco Bay was incredible ground for wandering, exploring, and creating. Its beautiful landscapes, jagged coast, and diversity of art and culture set the foundation for my art practice today rooted in energy and exploration.

Items taped to my studio wall reveal clues about the work and process: a cocktail coaster from a New Year's Eve party in Munich, a small sign found in a parking lot, a hot pink luggage ticket, and a graffiti snapshot taken while strolling in a park in Milan.

Whether wandering near or far, I often draw from the energy around me, architecture, music, nature, science, spirituality, and symbolism. I use an ever-increasing amalgamation of methods and materials to create.

At its core, my work is about communicating energy from me to you. Do you feel it too?


Kelly Seeber is a self-taught abstract painter and photographer. A Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellow (VMFA) for painting, Seeber held a solo fellowship exhibit, The Energy of Movement, at the VMFA in 2018. A 2nd solo exhibit with the VMFA, "Pink Light, Palaces, and Temples; In Honor of Wanderlust" is on display at Richmond International Airport thru Feb '24. Seeber has been previously featured in Studio Visit Magazine (issue 45), Design Crush, the MOMA blog, TheArtHunters, as well as local newspapers and magazines. Seeber's abstracts are held in private collections throughout the United States.

Seeber earned an Associate of Arts degree, and a Bachelor's and Master's of Science degree focused in research. Seeber began exhibiting her art in 2015 and now lives and works in Virginia.

Besides painting, Seeber also loves yoga, hiking, writing, and photography (view).

Instagram: @UrbanTheoryStudios
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