I paint about energy, memory, and sensory experience. The intensity of Hong Kong at night, a funny interaction with a stranger in an elevator, the wonder of discovering a treetop cafe in Vietnam - I want to capture a moment.

Wanderlust is embedded in my soul, and I use exploration and taking photographs as tools for my art process (see travel photographs below).  When exploring new places, I love the state of being where mind and body are open, senses are heightened, and the energy is high. I often use this energy to fuel the work.

Besides exploration, influences include advertising, music, graffiti, nature, science, spirituality, and symbolism.

My visual language is formed by the juxtaposition and intersection of form and materials, typographic elements, organic drips, built-up textural surfaces, saturated colors, and a unique rhythm. After many years of painting practice, the work is raw, bold, rhythmic, and layered.

At its core, the work is about exploring and communicating energy through the work. Do you feel it?


Kelly Seeber is a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellow. Solo exhibit, "CIPHER Series: Select Works" is currently on display at Parkway Printshop in Williamsburg, Virginia (through October, 2022). Solo exhibit, "Rhythm and Flow: The Energy of Movement" was held at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in 2018.

Seeber's work has been featured in Studio Visit Magazine (issue 45), Design Crush, the MOMA blog, TheArtHunters, as well as local newspapers and magazines. Seeber's abstracts are held in private collections throughout the United States.

Seeber, a self-taught painter, earned an Associate degree in Liberal Arts, and a Bachelor's and Master's of Science degree focused in research. Originally from San Francisco Bay, Seeber began exhibiting her art in 2015, and now lives and works in Virginia.

Besides painting, Seeber loves yoga, writing, and travel and portrait photography (click here to see).

Instagram: @UrbanTheoryStudios