• Kelly Seeber

Wonder in Ho Chi Min City

It was our last night in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam.

After a candlelight dinner downtown, we grabbed a taxi and headed to a cafe I did not want to miss.

The taxi pulled over and we looked around wondering if this dark, industrial area was the right address. Could it be? Other than a few people walking the street, this seemed like a quiet, abandoned part of town. We reluctantly got out of the taxi and wandered around a bit. Finally, a man was nice enough to point us in the right direction toward an alleyway.

At the end of the alley up ahead, I could see some very large wooden doors. These beautiful red lanterns lit up the entire alley leading us to another large door. As we got closer to the doors ahead, I could hear the sound of water. Water?!

As I reached the second set of large wooden doors, I pushed them open and couldn't believe my eyes. I remember being completely mesmerized.

All I could see in front of me was a Koi pond with stepping stones spanning across the way. I realized this was the only way to navigate through the space.

My mind was trying to process it all. I remember I could feel the heavy and misty night air, could hear water trickling everywhere, and looking up to see twinkling string lights overhead. I was trying to take it all in.

Looking up, I could see that the cafe was actually built between two industrial buildings and open to the night sky above. What?! I could also see a network of wooden walkways and platforms above, mostly obscured by the heavy trees and foliage.

We made out way across the stones to the other side and ascended up the tiny, spiral staircase to the coffee shop. All around, locals were laughing, studying, and enjoying the beautiful evening in this amazing space.

I was so intrigued by Vietnam and its wonderful people, food, traffic (insane, but fascinating), and cafe culture. Even though I took this video the wrong way, I include it hear so you can sense the atmosphere of this wonderful place that I was so happy to experience.

Have you ever experienced something and felt that you were changed? This was that type of experience for me.

The works below are memories and reminders of Ho Chi Min City:

Meet Me for Coffee in the Trees (I).

14" x 12" acrylic, art remnants, and found materials on recycled paper.

Meet Me for Coffee in the Trees (II)

60" x 48" Mixed media on canvas (2022)

LUCAS (Sacred Grove)

14" x 11" acrylic, art remnants, and found materials on paper (2021)

Memories of Ho Chi Min

7' x 5" acrylic, art remnants and found materials on cardboard (2020).


7" x 5" acrylic, enamel, art remnants, and found materials on recycled paper .