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Remnants of Dublin

I am in love with Dublin. The energy of Dublin hit me like a ton of bricks. Lively, energetic, and fun, we stayed in a hotel right along the River Liffy. Our room had hot pink neon nightstands and neon pink wall lights, and large curtained windows that opened up onto the river.

At night we would pour a glass of wine and fling open the windows, curtains billowing, and hot pink glow all around. With the heavy night air and city lights twinkling along the river; it felt magical.

After my third trip to Dublin, and to this hotel in 2020, I created a Dublin series of about 12 pieces.

Remnants of Dublin (full and detail images below). 18" x 14" Acrylic and enamel paint, travel mementos (including hotel welcome note, airline ticket, and cup coaster), duct tape, art remnants on recycled poster board (2020).


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