• Kelly Seeber

Series: RAW

Taking it back to RAW (circa 2017). This series was the first series I created as a professional artist (although I had been painting for many years prior).

This inspiration board evokes the type of energy and emotion that I wanted to communicate with this series. It was all about raw, bold energy and organic movement and textures. Below are just two examples from the series:

Straight Jacket, 20" x 18" mixed media on canvas (personal collection)

I used so many methods to add and remove paint in this piece. Paint brushes, paper towels, and spatulas to add paint and lots of sanding and other tools to scratch and scrape paint back off. This piece was created over many months, intermittently, as layer after layer of paint was added and then sanded back down.

Straight Jacket (detail) 20" x 18"

Burst 28" x 22" acrylic and ink on recycled poster board.

This piece demonstrates its energy through gestural, organic movements. I was starting to use dripping paint in my work and still use this often today.

Burst (detail).

Urban Rain, 36" x 24" acrylic and ink on canvas (as shown at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, solo exhibit, "The Energy of Movement")

Urban Rain was one of the first works I created in the RAW series. It is all about capturing the organic movement and sensory experience or rain in an urban city.

At its foundation, my work has always been about energy. But, with each new series the type of energy I am focused on communicating changes.

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