• Kelly Seeber

How Energy and Exploration Became the Foundation of my Art Practice

Growing up in San Francisco Bay, I was surrounded by wildly diverse and beautiful landscapes. My friends and I sometimes skip school and drive through the city to the beach.

I felt like the warm sun, damp ocean air, and crashing waves renewed my soul. Sometimes we'd watch the hang gliders swirl in coves along the high cliffs, feeling as if we could almost reach out and touch them. Other times, we’d hike in the surrounding hills, have picnics, listen to music, and fall asleep in the afternoon lull. I remember once we fell asleep and woke up at dusk surrounded by a herd of about 100 cows. Yes, we were scared because we didn’t know anything about cows. Then we realized the cows didn’t seem to care.

I continued to seek out exploration and new experiences. Reggae concert? Sure. Tibetan monk sand ceremonial? Yes please. Camping and bonfire on the beach? Of course.

Over time exploring and sharing the energy back out became the foundation for my art practice. Through the lens of exploration, I feel and see differently. Whether I am traveling, trying a new experience, or just tapping into and appreciating a present moment, I am exploring.

In the studio, I am exploring there too. Color, mark-making, process, and materials...it is all exploring.

Ultimately, It’s the energy I am interested in sharing.

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