• Kelly Seeber

Energy and Exploration

Growing up in San Francisco Bay, I feel so lucky to have been surrounded by the wildly diverse and beautiful landscapes of the area. I remember my friends and I would sometimes skip school and drive through the city to the beach. The warm sun, damp ocean air, and crashing waves renewed my soul. Sometimes we'd watch hang gliders swirl in the coves along the high cliffs. I felt as if I could almost reach out and touch them.

It became a habit of mine to seek out new and diverse experiences. Camping on the beach? Yes, please. Hiking along the coast? Of course. World travel? Absolutely. Through exploration, I see differently and appreciate more.

I also found that the more I reached out to the new and unknown, the more energy I had to fuel the work. And I also felt I wanted to share it.

Over time, my practice became focused on energy and exploration.