• Kelly Seeber

Raw, ethereal, lightness

"Dreaming" is my latest installation. I LOVE these installations and you will see more of these in the future.

My previous installation "Joyful" was colorful and energetic, created with lots of color and embellishments. I wanted to create just a moment of joy in the viewing experience.

This project was very different than my last. With this installation, I wanted to explore another side of the art experience. With Dreaming, words that came to my mind included:











When envisioning the installation, I imagined the viewer walking slowly under/through the installation, peering up, and just stopping for a moment to take it all in. We are in such a hurry today...jobs, kids, traffic, life...I wanted to create just a moment to enjoy. Dreaming refers not to actively dreaming, but to the filmy, light, and slow movement of the installation.

A relaxing moment of contemplation perhaps?

I also love the lightness and ephemeral quality of the lanterns. If these installations last a couple of years and people enjoy them, that makes me happy!

Materials include: Paper lanterns, hardware, fishing wire, string, black paint, tulle, various hand-knotted yarns, zip-ties, recycled bottles, and art remnants.

As the lanterns are not inherently strong, they were shored up with fishing wire and tape, and then some were painted. Various yarns were hand-knotted and assembled into strings of embellishments. I love how the yarn, when knotted together, created such raw, rough textures. I think that these rougher textures offset beautifully with the translucency of the tulle strings.

After all of lanterns and embellishments were complete it was then time to assemble! I loved this part of the process, because different creative skills come into play. As I assemble and hang each strand, I am checking for balance in form and light, as well as determining the best heights in relationship to the whole. I want the visual interest to be balanced, but I also want to create tension with the different textures by evaluating:

Rough/raw vs. soft (perhaps masculine vs. feminine?)

Solid vs. translucent

Light vs. dark

One of the interesting things I noticed during installation was that the components were throwing shadows against the walls and ceiling. This was an unexpected positive. I hope that as Dreaming is viewed from under/through, the light, textures, slow and small movements, and shadows will create a moment to slow down, take a breath, and contemplate.



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